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Post Only Projects

Decking and Fence Post Installation

Do you need someone to set up the posts for your decking or fencing project? Entrust your post-installation needs to our experts at NYCE Outdoor Living in Sarnia, ON to ensure that your construction project begins and ends smoothly. Get in touch with us and our team will promptly arrive at the location.

We will properly erect and position the posts to make the job easier for you or another contractor. Trust us to ensure that the posts will stay put and are evenly spaced.

You Can Always Rely on Us

We understand that your safety and your structure’s stability are on the line. Count on us to take accurate measurements concerning the size of the posts and the spacing in between each one.

As we have the right supplies and equipment, you can expect us to complete the job in the most efficient manner. We work as quickly as possible, but we do this without sacrificing precision because we know that the integrity of your structure depends on its foundation.

fence posts
Let our team do the hard work for you! To learn more about our post-only fencing service or to schedule
a free consultation, call us today at 519-491-9898 or fill out our contact form. We will get the job done in no time.