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Our Lumberyard Has Everything You Need

To ensure the success of your home improvement project, build your structures using the premium lumber we offer at NYCE Outdoor Living in Sarnia, ON. We have a well-stocked lumberyard, so you can count on us to meet any of your construction, repair, and remodeling needs.

Our major supplier of quality wood is Pastway Planing, a renowned company in the lumber industry. We are a dealer for their MicroPro Sienna product line.

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What Is MicroPro Sienna?

MicroPro Sienna is an innovatively pressure-treated wood with a distinct, warm brown color. This product can be used for the construction of outdoor residential structures such as decks, docks, and fences.

Different types are available for structures that are above the ground, for those that come in contact with the ground, and for those that are exposed to freshwater.

If you wish to learn how to protect the color of your MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood, speak with one of our staff. We have years of experience in handling this product, and we can help you maintain its beauty for the years to come.

Whatever the size of your project, we can provide the quantity of lumber you need.
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